Introduction to Scouting Class – Book, DVD, and weekly Q&As – 3/23-5/3

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CONGRATULATIONS! You’re one step closer to joining the professional football community.

The National Football Post will be teaching an five-week online scouting course designed to improve your knowledge of the game while providing a basic foundation in the fundamentals of scouting.

Your purchase includes:

  • Complete DVD Course
  • Intro to Scouting Class Book
  • Access to a week-by-week Q&A forum with Greg Gabriel, NFP’s Director of Scouting and the NFP team
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Discount for future courses
  • Your scouting reports featured on NFP
  • On-going access to the NFP Scouting Community

SHIPPING NOTE: Book and DVD will be shipped the second week of March


3 reviews for Introduction to Scouting Class – Book, DVD, and weekly Q&As – 3/23-5/3

  1. Daniel A.
    5 out of 5


    Overall, the experience I had in taking the Introduction to Scouting course was overwhelmingly positive. I feel infinitely more confident in my ability to scout players and accurately judge their potential/fit in the NFL. I learned so much in terms of football technique and what scouts look for at certain positions in order to translate to the NFL. The Book is filled with very useful outlines and very specific checklists while the DVD helped to give me a visual reinforcement and relearning of important points.

    Learning how to correctly write scouting reports with the specific assigned critical factors was an awesome experience as well. I now feel comfortable in writing a scouting report that will accurately depict what I see when scouting players. The scouting reports on the website as well as the book helped very much to help model mine after.

  2. Kim K.
    5 out of 5


    I have a much better understanding of what physical and mental attributes are required by each position and how scheme impacts those requirements. I have an improved ability to comprehend the scouting reports that I read in magazines and on the Internet. I can do my own (albeit very basic) scouting of players based All-22 film and project their NFL success.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you for your hard work in developing this course.

  3. Brad L.
    5 out of 5


    When I first saw this class last year I was very interested. Scouting was a fascinating part of the NFL to me and I thought this would be a good way to learn more. When it came around this year, my wife forced me to do it, probably because I’d tell her how interesting it would be every year if I didn’t actually take it. After signing up and reading a lot of the introductions of the other participants, I felt like the odd man out, seeing as how most of the guys already were involved in the business or had plans to go into it. I am a guy who choreographs fights in the theatre and I’m about to write a scouting report for an actual NFL scout! I couldn’t have been happier I took this class and I am terribly sad it’s over. I’ve come to really cherish those nights watching clips or listening to Greg explain the finer points of scouting a specific position. My wife asked me what I learned and I told her that while a casual fan who knows something about the game could watch it and recognize a good player, I could now write down specifically why they are good. I now watch clips and see things in college players I’d never would have before.

    My thanks to everyone at the National Football Post for coming up with a great concept and executing perfectly.

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